The story begins in small town called Tai Tapu in New Zealand. I had travelled to NZ to play rugby for six months, during which time I stayed with a sponsor from the club. Her name was Mavis. When not playing rugby, I was working as a labourer in order to pay for my keep, which included a packed lunch provided by Mavis. As part of this lunch, Mavis would always include a homemade, natural bar. Made from simple, wholesome ingredients, it would provide the additional energy I needed to graft on the building site and then train in the evenings. 
Whether during military training, Ironman events, or as a new father (with limited time to cook!), there have been numerous occasions where Mavis’ homemade bar would have been the perfect choice when shopping and cooking were not an option.

Frustrated by what is, and importantly, what is not available in the shops, I decided to get into the kitchen, refining and perfecting Mavis’ concept. After months of trial and error in my poky kitchen in South London, I eventually produced something that was akin to Mavis’ bar! Natural, delicious, and crucially, containing the correct macronutrients that I really want to see in a meal. 
The first RealMeal bar was born...